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Travel agency in Bhutan for your wonderful Bhutan Tour

Our professional and highly experienced members and the team of the travel agency in Bhutan is expert in customer service and tourism guidance, they will help you to make your journey incomparable. Besides all that, all the resorts, hotels, rental car agencies are well-checked and they will care for your safety and comfort. We believe in providing the best travel options to our clients with the warmest hospitality and balancing it with our class and quality of service. It is a country that slowly forward to the modern world with a perfect balance of ancient tradition.

This place is known by many names, the land of the Thunder Dragon or the place of Dzongs. It is a paradise for trekkers and a dream spot for environmentalists. 72% of Bhutan is under the forest and its pristine ecology is endangered flora and fauna and home to rare. This place has a unique blend of old and new.

What makes Bhutan Tour Packages the most favourable packages in the world ?

Location - This tiny kingdom nestled in the fold of the Eastern Himalayas and sandwiched between two countries, China in the north and India in the south. It is matched with the size of Switzerland with a total area of 38,398 sq km.

Environment - Unlike other countries Bhutan has a pristine environment that is almost intact. Because the location, climatic variation, and location, Bhutan’s ecosystem are rich and diverse. It is one of the ten most important biodiversity hotspots and the reason behind is the high and rugged mountains and valleys boast of spectacular biodiversity.

Flora and Fauna - Bhutan is divided into three zones- alpine zone, temperate zone and subtropical zone. The flora and fauna are rich and diverse because of the climatic range and tropical or subtropical vegetation.

Culture and Tradition - Bhutan is the smallest country in the world but its cultural diversity and the richness are profound. Bhutan believes that ensuring preservation and protection of the unique culture would in saving the sovereignty of the country.

Art and Crafts - Bhutan practices thirteen arts and crafts right from the immemorial time. These are- shing zo, du zo, par zo, lha zo, jim zo, shag zo, lug zo, gar zo, troe zo, troe ko, tsha zo, de zo, tshem zo, thug zo.

travel agency in bhutan

Best time to explore the majestic nation Bhutan

Visit Bhutan in the season of spring and autumn, the months of October and November are perfect for a trip so that you can get a stunning view of mountain peaks and the scenic beauty of nature. And who is wanted to be a witness of the masked dance of the monks’ festival for them the months of October and March are perfect.

Visa requirement and procedures of the land of the thunder dragon

Except for Indian travelers, all other travelers must need a visa. Note that, only any travel agencies in Bhutan can issue your visa. No embassies or agents outside Bhutan can issue your visa.

Top places to pay a visit to Bhutan

Bhutan has ample numbers of most attracting and mesmerizing tourist spots. And with the help of travel agency in Bhutan, you can explore and experience all the amazing destinations out there.

  • Thimphu (Altitude: 2,400m/7,875ft)
  • Paro (Altitude: 2,200 m/7,218 ft)
  • Punakha (Altitude: 1,310m/4,300 ft)
  • Haa
  • Wangdue Phodrang (Altitude: 1,300 m/ 4,265 ft)
  • Trongsa (Altitude: 2,300 m / 7,545 ft)
  • Bumthang (Altitude: 2,800 m / 9,185 ft)
  • Mongar (Altitude: 1,600 m / 5,250 ft)
  • Trashigang (Altitude: 1,600 m / 5,250 ft)
Tourist spots of the land of thunder dragon, Bhutan
  • Tiger’s Nest
  • Taktsang Palphug Monastery
  • Punakha Dzong
  • Dochula pass
  • Buddha Dordenma
  • Chele La Pass
  • Thimpu Dzong
  • Punakha Suspension Bridge
  • Tango Buddhist Institute
  • Rinpung Dzong
  • Phobjikha Valley
  • Kyichu lhakhang
  • Simtokha Dzong
  • Thimpu Chorten
  • National Folk Heritage Museum
  • Bhutan gate
  • Phuentsholing town
  • Jaigaon Dooars Welfare Society
  • Thimpu Highway
  • Indo-Bhutan Border Road
  • Karbandi Monastery
  • Torsha River Side
  • Zangtopelri
travel agency in bhutan


We, the travel agency in Bhutan can title our self as one of the best travel company in Bhutan. We are the provider of best travel packages, transports option, and other travel related service gracefully for our clients. Each and every path of the thunder dragon, villages, towns, which curves come next on the road, some of the beaten trails, everything is well known by our team of the travel agency in Bhutan.

Travel agency in Bhutan is running smoothly for a couple of years. And the reasons behind this are
  • We promise ourselves not to compromise on pricing, we mainly focus on quality more than quantity.
  • We always maintain genuineness and social integrity
  • Equitable business practices adopted by us.
  • The same Heartbeats beat into all our team members.
  • We strongly encourage basic human rights and condemn child labor
  • We highly maintained work on waste management
  • All our transports meet emission standards
  • TCB or tourism council of Bhutan Tour Operators registered us.
  • We have a team and they have in-depth knowledge of Bhutan, our environment, lifestyle, history, etc
  • Our partner hotels, resorts, and guesthouse are best in Bhutan
  • Client’s feedbacks are very important and valuable for us.
  • We maintained luxurious and good in condition vehicles
  • All our staffs and drivers are very polite and helpful
  • No hidden cost on any packages.
  • We accept all major visas, credit or debit cards for faster and reliable payment.
Reliable and most exciting packages of the travel agency in Bhutan

Travel agency in Bhutan always personalized a package depending on your taste, range, expectation, and number of days. We have a box of full of the travel package.

Cultural Tour Packages
  • The best scenic of Bhutan
  • East-Eest Cultural tour
  • Enchanting Journey to Bhutan
  • Spiritual Adventure in Bhutan
Exclusive Tour Packages
  • A Song of Dragon and Mountains
  • Call of the Peaceful Thunder Dragon
  • Exploring Happiness in Bhutan
  • Mystical Land
Festival tour packages
  • Haa Summer Festival
  • Paro Festival
  • Domkar Tsechu
  • Thimpu Tsechu
Trekking packages
  • Snowman Trek 1
  • Snowman Trek 2
  • Druk Path Trek
  • Jumolhari Trek

So what are you waiting for? Experience the incredible beauty of the land of thunder dragon with the travel agency in Bhutan.


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We provides the best that you need at a reliable cost and believe.



We provides the best that you need at a reliable cost and believe.



We provides the best that you need at a reliable cost and believe.



We provides the best that you need at a reliable cost and believe.